Aztec Theater

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

The Aztec Theater Marquee was one of the largest signs we fabricated for the Springfield project at Universal Studios Hollywood, it included a lot of exposed neon, custom fabricated aluminum cabinets, custom paint finishes and a large structural steel frame, this sign was so large it had to be transported in pieces and assembled on site before it was lifted into place. This project is located in Southern California and believe it or not it was actually snowing the night we installed this sign.


Cletus' Chicken Shack

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This sign was created for Springfield's new restaurant known as 'Cletus' Chicken Shack' at Universal Studios Hollywood. It was fabricated from aluminum and acrylic with scenic paint and applied digital prints.


Duff Brewery

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This signage project was a fun one to work on! The sign frame was fabricated in steel to resemble an old rooftop sign. The Duff Beer lettering had exposed neon while the beer mug was back lit using LED lighting. The bottle caps were hand sculpted using urethane foam. They were then hard coated and finished of with polyurethane paint finishes. If you’re ever at Universal Studios, stop by for a cold Duff Beer and check out the signage!


Krusty Burger

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

Krusty Burger was another sign created for the Springfield project at Universal Studios Hollywood. It involved a pretty intricate fabricated aluminum cabinet, a translucent acrylic face, fabricated channel letters and internal LED illumination.


Kwik-E-Kart Kiosk

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This was a fun project that started with a basic food cart, once we had the cart at our shop we started the transformation, the roof was painted red and white with added aluminum valance pieces, the sign was fabricated to match the color and shape of the original Kwik-E-Mart store signage, then the cart was wrapped with a digital print to finish it off.


Moe's Tavern

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

Who doesn’t like Moe’s? This sign was fabricated to match the sign shown on the Simpson’s television show. There are quite a few versions, but this variant was the one that was chosen for the project at Universal Studios Hollywood. This cabinet and letters are fabricated out of aluminum with internal LED illumination, the back panel and letters were scenic painted to match the samples provided to us. If you are ever at the park, check out the sign and pop in for a cold one!


Phineas Q Butterfat's Ice Cream

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This sign was originally fabricated by another vendor, after the sign was installed they realized the quality was not up to the park's standards. The project manager contacted us and asked if we could take on another sign. We were really busy with the other signage projects for the Springfield area, but decided to take it on! We fabricated a completely new sign out of aluminum to replace the wood version that was originally installed and the only parts that we re-used were the LED festoon bulbs. The sign came out really nice and was swapped out overnight!


Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This was another one of those fun projects. The signage / storefront came out really nice, but the focal point was Homer’s Console! This entire desk was fabricated from a picture taken from the TV show. We worked closely with Universal Creative and Fox to make sure it met their expectations. There are over a 100 buttons, lights, switches and gages that all illuminate with LED back lighting. We had a program created to make all these flash on and off with the back wall that we also created. These lights tie in with the show control so they pulse when there is a melt down at the plant.
***Unfortunately, due to a contract agreement, we can't directly show the console here, but you can find the console online and in the park if you're interested!


Stu's Disco

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

For this project we worked with the art director and came up with a plan to make Stu look like he was "gettin' down". This sign was quite large and included a fabricated aluminum cabinet, open face retro style channel letters and a series of variously colored animated neon. It took a bit of figuring out, but in the end we got Stu dancing up a storm!


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