Bank of Evil ATM

•  Universal Studios Osaka, Japan 

These sculpted pieces were made for the Bank of Evil at Universal Studios in Osaka Japan, the sculpting on these was done by the Universal staff shop in Hollywood, CA, we were hired to inset acrylic eyeballs into each vulture and Mr. Perkins, we ran fiberoptic cable from the backside of the eyes, thru the characters to a remote located DMX controlled illuminator, once the eyes were completed and approved we brought in our scenic painter to make them look like they were chiseled out of stone. These were crated up and shipped to Japan where they were installed on site at Universal Studios Japan.


Gru's Cafe

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This project had a short deadline and had to be up in a week. We had to create a temporary sign was fabricated and installed, while the real sign was being made. This sign had a lot of detail for such a small sign. The center illuminated canister was made from spun aluminum and acrylic tubing, RGB LEDs were used to illuminate the (2) canisters that changed colors. All the gears and wheels were waterjet cut and painted with Matthews satin polyurethane paint finishes. The interior menu board was also quite detailed and had to be welded to the existing pipes. All the parts were waterjet cut and scenic painted to have a weather look.


Minion Mayhem

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA / Osaka, Japan 

This was a great project. There were two of these signs and they were quite detailed. The Minions were CNC sculpted and then cleaned up by hand. The sign itself was fabricated from aluminum and acrylic with a steel support frame. We recently fabricated another one of these signs that was shipped over to Japan and installed at Universal Studios in Osaka.


Silly Swirly

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This was another interesting sign within the Super Silly Fun Land Project, this sign was fabricated from aluminum with structural steel posts and sculpted urethane accents around the posts, the letters had multiple layers and colors with chasing light bulbs, we also fabricated this smaller sign to hang under the entrance, this was internally illuminated with push thru graphics.


Super Silly Fun Land Entrance

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This castle is the main entrance to the wet / dry play area within Super Silly Fun Land. Although we did not fabricate or install the actual castle or characters, we did do all the signage! These signs we fabricated were made from aluminum with multiple paint finishes, internal LED illumination and chasing light bulbs.


Super Silly Space Killer Kiosk

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This was another fun project within the Super Silly Fun Land area at Universal Studios Hollywood, this sign was fabricated in aluminum with steel framework and chasing light bulbs, the enclosure for the LED reader board was fabricated with tempered glass, if you visit Universal Studios Hollywood anytime soon stop by Super Silly Fun Land and check it out.