Hollywood and Dine

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

On this project we were hired to take the restaurant branding / logo and create signage that went with the building architecture. We were given the light poles to incorporate into the sign's fabrication, but could only use parts of them due to the structural requirements. Overall, we did the entrance signage, building signage and menu boards for this restaurant.


Studio Directory

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

Description to be added shortly.


Production Central

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

This was a sign that we helped design, fabricate and install in five days from start to finish. It was a fire drill to say the least! We had to expedite the somewhat time consuming paint drying process so the we could make this very short deadline.


Universal Studios Globe

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

We were asked by Universal if we could make a replica of the famous Universal globe that sits out front of Universal Studios. We've built a few globes in the past, but this was a bit more detailed. With all the compound curves, globes can be very tricky and very time consuming. This one was no exception, but the finished product was well worth it and well received by Universal. You can see the globe in person inside the Universal Studio Store, just inside the park!


Universal Plaza

•  Universal Studios Hollywood, CA 

These large 'Universal' letters were fabricated from Stainless steel and are internally illuminated. They had to be attached to the facility steel structure which took a lot of coordination between us and the GC. The Universal Plaza is an area where Universal Studios promotes upcoming movies as well as host many special events.


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